Allandale Care Group is proud to be a diverse organisation and seeks to promote the values of Openness, Respect, Honesty and Caring for all in order to achieve our mission to enhance the quality of life of older people.

Our houses are intended for older people so there Is no upper age limit but we would be unlikely to accept people below normal retirement age.

We accommodate single persons and have catered for couples when space permitted. We aim to provide fair and equal access to all eligible older people whilst giving priority to those in greatest need. The selection procedure mainly consists of an assessment of the applicant’s needs by perusal of the application form and a medical report obtained from the applicant’s GP. There may be a visit to the applicant at their own home and usually an interview. At any point we may find we cannot meet an applicant’s needs: similarly, an applicant may decide in light of further information that the accommodation or facilities on offer are unsuitable and that they do not wish to proceed. Where there are more applications than places the society selects by considering the following points to determine priority:

Points to Consider

  • Loneliness
  • Suitability of existing housing
  • Care needs and means of matching them
  • Length of time housing problems have been experienced and how well the applicant copes
  • Available alternatives
  • The needs of the existing Allandale household
  • Where existing Allandale residents need to move they are given priority

How are waiting lists used?

The waiting list is not used to establish priorities as we look to priority of need. The list is merely a record of people who wish to move to Allandale.

May I visit?

Yes – we like prospective residents to visit the house of their choice. Please ring the house in the morning to make an appointment.