100th Birthday of Margaret

By: James

Posted: August 1, 2022

On the 19th of July, Heathermount celebrated the 100th birthday of Margaret. 

Margaret has been at Heathermount since 2015 which makes her the resident who has lived here the longest. Margaret received some lovely presents including a lovely tree from her good friends Wendy & Keith and enjoyed visits from friends on the hottest morning of the year with drinks in the garden

Margaret has lived in Heswall her whole life, and before she came to Heathermount, she lived just around the corner. 

A keen golfer but, in her words, “never won any big prizes”

Margaret loves animals, especially cats, and dogs and enjoys visits from animals when it can be arranged

Fiercely independent, she puts us to shame but is a true inspiration to everyone who has the privilege to know her.