50th Birthday Party

50th Birthday Party

Our party was a great success owing to the efforts of Sherrel Sacker – our General Care Manager and her brilliant staff. They even made the sun shine! We have a couple of photos to record the event. Shown are our Chairman, Eric Smethurst and Sherrel with the commemorative cake.

We owe thanks to the staff, the Friends of Allandale Care Group and all those who worked so hard to make the day such a triumph. We are grateful to our residents and their families who gave us such support.

We were taken aback by the scale of donations and thank all who gave so generously. There were so many there will inevitably be omissions for which the author’s apologies.

May we thank the local businesses who contributed: these include;



Marks and Spencers

107 Dining Room



News Highlights

The Friends of Heathermount arranged a trip to Gordale which the residents enjoyed.

In May residents sailed through Cheshire with the Wirral Narrow Boat Society.

Residents are attending a performance at St Peters Primary School of Cinderella Rockafella on 4th July.

Marjorie Jones is 100 in August and Harry Nickson turned 101 this month and had a party entertained by Linda Pelling

Joan Kelly had a Hawaiian themed party.

A celebration will be held on 30th July to mark 50 years of care.



We extend our warm good wishes to this remarkable gentleman.

House News

House News

We are in the process of further improving facilities: thus far we have provided a new extension to the lounge and better access to the garden. A new kitchen is to be installed shortly.

The Croft
We have redecorated the communal areas, a new ensuite has been added and a bathroom upgraded to a wetroom. There are plans for further improvements.

The apartment has been equipped with a wetroom.

Staff and Volunteers


We usually have vacancies for staff at our three homes: if you are interested, contact us on our office number 0151 342 2175 or email us at enquiries@allandalecaregroup.com

We are always on the lookout for volunteers to serve on our Executive Committee. The time burden is not great and we believe the work is rewarding. If you are interested please also contact us on our office number 0151 342 2175 or email us at enquiries@allandalecaregroup.com

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